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Chapter One – in which Crazy Gaijin tumbles down the rabbit hole.

Ok, so this is officially my 1st post to this new blogsite CRAZYGAIJIN.COM.  Guess I should tell a little about myself.  Was working back in the good ‘ol US of A and ran into a close friend of mine that had just returned from Japan.  After listening to his stories of Japan (and after imbibing a few beers) I decided to take a break from my law career, throw caution to the wind and book a one-way ticket to Japan (that ought to explain the CRAZY part, and the GAIJIN part should be obvious, you know … a foreigner living in Japan).

I arrived at Narita Airport on June 2, 2005 (the beginning of the dreaded rainy season), made my way by rickshaw to the tawdry, ramshackle old fishing village outside of Yokohama, to which I still call home.  Yes, it is now 2009, and yes I’m sure that you’re wondering “what, o, what has that Crazy Gaijin been up to for the last 4 plus years, and why has he decided to start writing now?”

That’s a twofold question which of course requires a twofold answer.  I’ve been up to all sorts of tomfoolery and hijinks over the last 4 plus years.  Perhaps someday I will delve into and regale you with those tales, but I have just, at this very instant, made the monumental decision (here’s the second fold) NOT to go backwards to tell this tale.  No, I would much rather make this forward looking as opposed to retrospective.

I will leave you there then … on the doorstep looking in as it were, as the Crazy Gaijin tumbles down the rabbit hole and awakens 4 and a half years later to begin his journey and to tell his tale.

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