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Japan at the 2010 Winter Olympics

The last Winter Olympic Games were held in Turin, Italy. Shizuka Arakawa won the country’s only medal, a gold, in women’s figure skating.  Athletes representing Japan participated in all but one of the 2006 Olympics’ 15 sports, with Ice hockey the only exception.  The 2010 Olympic Games will begin in 5 days time in Vancouver, BC, […]

Shinjuku Halloween Protest 2009

Let me first point out that I am not the original source for this picture.  If you would like to see more of the original sources pictures or read the story please go here.  Well, others may have experienced this but it’s a first for me.   I have never participated in the annual Yamanote line Halloween […]

My Neighbor Totoro Has Swine Influenza

Once again the entire country of Japan has decided to freak-out about the Swine Influenza and all of the Japanese housewives and mothers have frantically busted open their piggybanks and purchased hundreds of thousands of flu masks in a matter of just a few days. One day everyone will be walking around like normal and […]

Japanese Ryokan

I found this useful information about Japanese Ryokan so I thought I would pass it on.                          What is a Ryokan?         A typical ryokan is an Japanese-style inn. Like a Western-style inn, maintaining the special, atmosphere and appearance is more important than providing the latest modern conveniences. A ryokan is for […]